Welcome to Travel Like A Local

I create customised travel experiences for those looking for a more authentic connection to the people and culture of their destination. To be a traveller, rather than a tourist.

Travel is about getting under the skin of a place, the sights, smells and tastes of a totally different culture. 

Whether you’re in a villa or a yurt, whether you like to lie on the beach or hike up a hill, whatever your budget, I believe you’ll get much more from your travels if you know a little bit about the culture, food, sights and local’s hangouts. 

And don’t worry, this isn’t a site full of glossy bikini shots from expensive hideaways to show you my amazing life (you guessed it, I’m just not that photogenic). It’s a fun, practical guide to make planning, researching and enjoying your travels a complete joy. 

Travel like a Local is perfect for those who haven’t the time or energy to do battle with the internet and would love bespoke, insider advice.



  • Travel Advice
  • £199
  • Fully researched 1 hour long telephone consultation
  • Answers to all your destination queries
  • Up to date recommendations for restaurants, sights, tours and more
  • Tips to get the most from your destination
  • A checklist to take with you on your adventure
  • Get Some Travel Advice Now
  • Travel Consultation
  • £499
  • 7 day email consultation to fully plan your trip
  • Develop an itinerary - destinations, flow, duration
  • Fully researched recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, sights and tours
  • Expert tips to get the most from your destination
  • Checklist for easy booking, including advice on visas, jabs and holiday packing
  • Book your travel consultation now