Hi, I’m Jo. Travel addict, writer, marketeer, foodie.

I caught the travel bug aged 18 on an inter-railing adventure round Europe and have been travelling as much as possible ever since. I’m lucky to have a partner in crime: I met my husband whilst backpacking in Australia. We got engaged in the USA and married in Africa.

Meet my Travel Companion (TC)  

He’s a real nature lover, happiest in the middle of the jungle, hiking up something with his binoculars. I love the city, a bit of buzz and a chance to dress up and drink cocktails. So, we have to plan our trips to accommodate us both.

Luckily, we’re both driven by a passion for food and drink so on all our travels we seek out the best food – not always the most expensive but where the locals enjoy traditional food, rather than the overpriced tourist traps.

We share a passion for travel and we’ve enjoyed some great adventures since our first meeting all those years ago in Oz and created some amazing memories, always seeking out an authentic experience, on the road less travelled. See destinations

We’ve done it all over the years; from circus tents in Berlin and gypsy caravans in New Zealand to 5 star safaris lodges in Botswana and chic island retreats off Mozambique.

We fund this travel obsession through our day jobs – me as a freelance marketing consultant and TC in insurance.

There are some locations which fill me with joy just thinking about them; the scenery, the light, the ambiance and of course, the food and wine.

I love Italy, Greece, South West America, Africa, SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and after my recent experience, Central/South America has joined the list.

These are places that touch me deeply and I love to return to again and again to uncover new layers. Do you know anyone else who has spent 10 days in Venice or gets the jitters if they don’t go to Italy every year?

Where did Travel Like a Local start?

I have always enjoyed researching and planning for our trips. I create Pinterest boards on each of our locations featuring the top restaurants, best viewing points for sunset, rooftop bars, wineries and tours – l love the research nearly as much as the holiday!

I’ve shared my passion for travel with friends and family for years, passing on my local knowledge, providing bespoke itineraries and recommendations and had some great feedback on how this has enhanced their travel experience.

I love to share this passion and experience with a wider audience. So, I created Travel Like a Local, to inspire others to get out there and try new places, get off the beaten track, avoid the crowds and have an amazing, authentic experience.

If you don’t love researching your holiday destination and can’t make head or tail of review sites, Travel Like a Local is the service for you. If you’ve booked your hard-earned weeks off work and your travel agent has done their bit, I’ll add that extra sparkle to make your trip an amazing experience.

The best beaches, the seaside tavernas, the best sunset spots. Don’t get FOMO, get some travel advice!